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The Village of Spencerport, preceding the structure of the Erie Canal was simply one more homestead. The homestead, through which the waterway goes at Canawaugus Road, had been obtained by Daniel Spencer in 1804 and was sold off to turn into the main town parcels. The town started about a mile and a half north of Ogden Center where business had started to prosper. From that minute on, nonetheless, business in Ogden Center diminished and that of the new channel port expanded.

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The town was first called "Spencer's Basin" yet was before long changed to "Spencerport". As business on the Erie Canal thrived, so did the fortune of the occupants of Spencerport. In the late 1800's Spencerport was a clamoring channel focus. Stockrooms delivered out produce, for example, grain and beans. By 1900 Spencerport had 3 lodgings, 3 supermarkets, 2 medicate stores, and 2 shoe stores. Shops incorporated each exchange and included 4 metal forger shops, 3 cooper shops, 2 sheet metal shops and numerous different exchanges. Makers incorporated a natural product press producer and a scarf and visually impaired processing plant.

On April 22, 1867 the State Legislature passed a demonstration to consolidate Spencerport as a Village and the principal races were held with William Slayton as the primary President. The workplace is presently known as Mayor.

The principal store in the town was West and Richards on the north side of the waterway. The main bar was controlled by Daniel Spencer and was situated on the south side of the waterway. The main mail was brought into Spencerport by stage from Parma Corners. The principal postmistress was Sarah Lincoln who served until 1897.

Spencerport is across the county from Webster NY.


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